A Letter to God Summary Class 10

Chapter – 1 First Flight English A letter to God Summary Class 10

Written by – G.L. Fuentes

About the Author

Gregorio López Fuentes (1897-1966) a Mexican novelist, poet and journalist was a leading recorder of the Mexican Revolution. Fuentes started writing around 1910, at the age of 15, when the Mexican Revolution began. A large number of his writings are related to the Mexican Civil Conflict.

In 1921, Fuentes started writing for the ‘El Universal’ quite often under the pseudonym, Tulio F. Peseenz. His stories, truly a symbol of Mexico, are largely exciting and humorous stories. He was primarily a realist at heart as well as in his style of writing. This is the reason why the vast majority of his writings center around the oppression of Native Americans. In 1935 G. L. Fuentes was awarded the National Prize of Arts and Sciences.


Lencho, the protagonist of the story, is a farmer. He is a simple man blessed with honesty and the willingness to work hard. At the very outset, we find Lencho looking up to the sky towards the northeast. He is eagerly awaiting the rains that would be the elixir of life for his thirsty farms and crops. His prayers are soon answered and it begins to rain. Lencho is overwhelmed by gratitude. He and his family welcome the rain with smiles of joy and relief.

Unfortunately, within a matter of minutes, the train takes an ugly turn. Huge hailstones begin to fall. It does not take very long for Lencho’s fields to turn into a white expanse of land. Lencho is heartbroken and upset. He is seized by anxiety and a concern for the future. He can very easily see troubled times ahead, with no money and no food.

But, resolute in faith he writes a letter to God. In his letter, he requests God to come to his rescue by sending him 100 pesos to help him sow his fields and feed his family. The postmaster, who reads the letter, is quite taken in by the simplicity and the conviction of the humble farmer and decides to do whatever he could to help Lencho. The postmaster collects some money and puts it in an envelope with a letter addressed to Lencho from God. A few days later, when Lencho comes to the post office to check if there was any letter for him, the postman hands him the letter.

Lencho is truly pleased. But as soon as he opens the envelope and counts the money, anger and disappointment get the better of him. He writes yet another letter to God. He asks God to send the balance amount. But, distrustful of the postmaster and the postmen, he asks God not to send the money through the post.

Thus, the postmaster’s goodness and kindness go in vain.

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