Resource and Development Questions and Answers Class 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Geography Chapter 1 Resource and Development Questions and Answers

Q1.Multiple choice questions.                

(i). Which one of the following type of resource is iron ore?                             





ans. Non-Renewable.                              

(ii). Under which of the following types of resources tidal energy cannot be put?  



C. Abiotic                                            

d. Non-recyclable                                   

ans. Replenishable.                           

(iii). Which one of the following is the main cause of land degradation in Punjab?                                

a.Intensive cultivation 


c. Over irrigation.             


ans. Over irrigation.                            

(iv). Which one of the following states is terrace cultivation practiced?             



c.Plains of Uttar Pradesh                    

d. Uttarakhand       


(v). In which of the following states black soil is predominantly found?     

a.Jammu and Kashmir.    


c. Gujarat.                                           

d. Jharkhand                                   

ans. Gujarat.                                            

Q2. Answer the following question in about 30 words.                                    

(i). Name three states having black soil and the crop which is mainly grown in it.                                                 

Ans. Three states of black soils are Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra, crops which are mainly grown is cotton.                                  

(ii). What type of soil is found in the river deltas of the eastern coast gives three main features of this type of soil.

Ans. The type of soil found in river deltas is alluvial soil. Three main features of the soil are given below-

i. Alluvial soil is very fertile and highly cultivable.                                

ii. It can be productive after treatment.

iii. The soil contains an adequate amount of potassium phosphoric and Line which are ideal for the growth of sugarcane, paddy, wheat, pulse, and other cereal crops.                     

(iii). What steps can be taken to control soil erosion in the hilly areas? 

Ans. The soil erosion in hilly areas can be controlled by taking the steps mentioned below-

i. Contour Ploughing-ploughing among the contour lines can accelerate the flow of water down the slopes. The is called Contour Ploughing.   

ii. Terracing steps can be cut on the slopes making terraces. Tennis cultivation restricts erosion.

(iv). What are biotic and abiotic? Give some examples.          

Ans. Biotic resource-these are obtained from the biosphere and have life such as human beings livestock flora and fauna fisheries etc.

For ex- forests, birds, forests products

Abiotic resources are those things that are composed of non-living things called abiotic resources.

For ex- metals, rocks

Q3. Answer the following questions in about 120 words.

(i). Explain the land use pattern in India and why has the land under forest not increased much since 1960-61?

Ans. The land use pattern in India is given below-

i. The land under permanent pasture has decreased.

ii. Most of the other than the current hollow lands are either of poor quality or the cost of cultivation of such land varies. Hence, they are cultivated once or twins a year.

iii. The pattern of net sown areas where is from state to state.

iv. Net’s sown area is over 80% of the total area in Punjab and in Haryana it is less than 10%.

v. Thus, resources can contribute to development only when they are accompanied by biotechnologycal development and institutional changes. India has experienced all this in different phases of colonization.

vi. Ex- water resources are exploited in Punjab and Haryana to expand. Irrigated area and dry season agriculture. As a result of it, the water level has gone down creating problems for the farmers.

(ii). How have technical and economic development led to more consumption of resources?

Ans. i. A higher level of technology development needs more resources for production activities.

ii. As Gandhiji said the exploitative nature of modern technology is the root cause of resource depletion at the global level.

iii. The higher level of technology development of colonies country countries help them to export resources and establish their supremacy over colonies.

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