Resources and Development MCQ Class 10

Resources and Development MCQ with Answers Class 10

Choose the correct option of the following questions.

Q1. How much percentage of forest area in the country according to National policy.
a) 37%
b) 33%
c) 26%
d) 31%

Ans- (b) 33%

Q2. Based on the information given identify the following as Biotic and Abiotic resources.
* It has life
* It is obtained from the environment
* Goat, Spider and Peacock are its example
a) Man-made resource
b) Biotic resource
c) Abiotic resource
d) Natural resource

Ans-(d) Natural resource

Q3. Terrace farming is practiced in-
a) Rajasthan
b) Assam
c) Haryana
d) Punjab

Ans-(c) Haryana

Q4. On the basis of origin, the resources can be categorised as_____ and _______.
a) Individual or Natural
b) Renewable and non- renewable
c) Surplus or recieves
d) Biotic and Abiotic

Ans-(d) Biotic and Abiotic

Q5. Who said the following statement regarding conservation of resources?
” We have resources to meet everyone’s needs but not everyone’s greed”.
a) Schumacher
b) Gandhiji
c) Jawaharlal
d) Ambedkar

Ans-(b) Gandhiji

Q6. Black soil is also known as Regur soil.
a) True
b) False
c) None of these

Ans-(a) True

Q7. Name the soil which is suitable for the cropping of cashew nuts.
a) Black soil
b) Red laterite soil
c) Alluvial soil
d) Green soil

Ans-(b) Red laterite soil

Q8. In which state overgrazing is the main reason of land degradation in India?
a) Rajasthan
b) Punjab
c) Gujarat
d) Bihar

Ans-(a) Rajasthan

Q9. How much degraded land is present in India?
a) 130 million hectare
b) 150 million hectare
c) 135 million hectare
d) 125 million hectare

Ans-(a) 130 million hectare

Q10. Select the measure to reduce the denudation of soil.
a) Uncontrolled grazing of animals
b) Mining
c) Deforestation, cutting down of trees
d) Afforestation, Terrace farming

Ans-(d) Afforestation, Terrace farming

Q11. Which one of the following statements refers to the sustainable development?
a) Overall development of various resources
b) Development should take place without demaging the environment
c) Economic development of people
d) Development that meets the desires of the members of all the communities

Ans-(b) Development should take place without demaging the environment

Q12. Which one of the following resources can be acquired by the Nation?
a) Potential resources
b) International resources
c) National resources
d) Public resources

Ans-(c) National resources

Q13. Which one of the following is responsible for the sheet erosion?
a) Wind
b) Glacier
c) Underground water
d) Water

Ans-(a) Wind

Q14. Which type of soil is found in the river deltas of the Eastern Coast?
a) Bangar
b) Khadar
c) Alluvial soil
d) Black soil

Ans-(c) Alluvial soil

Q15. Which type of soil develops due to high temperature and evaporation?
a) Forest soil
b) Arid soil
c) Red soil
d) Black soil

Ans-(b) Arid soil

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