Sectors of the Indian economy MCQ Class 10

Economics Chapter-2 Sectors of the Indian economy MCQ’S with Answers Class 10

Choose the correct option of the following questions:-

Q1. ______ sector comprises activities that are undertaken by directly using natural resources.
(a) Primary
(b) Secondary
(c) Tertiary
(d) None of these

Ans-(a) Primary

Q2. _______ sector covers activities in which raw material is converted into finished products.
(a) Primary
(b) Secondary
(c) Tertiary
(d) None of these

Ans-(b) Secondary

Q3. Production in the secondary sector has increased more than ______ times over the years.
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) Nine
(d) Ten

Ans-(c) Nine

Q4. Which sector of the economy is the largest employer?
(a) Industrial sector
(b) Agriculture sector
(c) Service sector
(d) None of these

Ans-(c) Service sector

Q5. Atm, Banking, Trade, Transport etc are examples of –
(a) Primary sector
(b) Tertiary sector
(c) Secondary sector
(d) None of these

Ans-(b) Tertiary sector

Q6. Converting iron is a part of-
(a) Secondary activity
(b) Tertiary activity
(c) Primary activity
(d) All of these

Ans-(a) Secondary activity

Q7. What is GDP?
(a) Gross Daily Product
(b) Gross Domestic Power
(c) Greater Domestic Product
(d) Gross Domestic Product

Ans-(d) Gross Domestic Product

Q8. ______ is the value of all final goods and services produced within a country during a particular year.
(a) GDP
(b) National income
(c) NDP
(d) PDP

Ans-(a) GDP

Q9. The task of measuring GDP is undertaken by the:
(a) Central Government
(b) State Government
(c) Provincial Government
(d) All of these

Ans-(a) Central Government

Q10. The sum of production in the three sectors gives what is called the _____ of a country.
(a) Gross Income
(b) Net Domestic Product
(c) Net Income
(d) Gross Domestic Product

Ans-(d) Gross Domestic Product

Q11. _____ goods are used up in producing final goods and services.
(a) Intermediate
(b) Valuable
(c) Rotten
(d) Raw

Ans-(a) Intermediate

Q12. The task of collection of data in all the three sectors of the economy is done by which of the following organisations?
(a) BPO
(b) NSSO
(c) KPO
(d) UNDP

Ans-(b) NSSO

Q13. What are the groups of classification of an economy called?
(a) Sectors
(b) Centers
(c) Types
(d) Categories

Ans-(a) Sectors

Q14. Making a car is a ______ activity.
(a) Primary
(b) Secondary
(c) Tertiary
(d) None of these

Ans-(b) Secondary

Q15. The sectors are classified into public and private sector on the basis of :
(a) Employment conditions
(b) The nature of economic activity
(c) Ownership of enterprises
(d) No. of workers employed in the enterprise

Ans-(c) Ownership of enterprises

Q16. Under MGNREGA-2005 Act –
(a) Unemployment Allowance
(b) 100 days guaranteed employment in 625 rural distance
(c) Provision of affordable credit
(d) All of these

Ans-(d) All of these

Q17. Organised sector includes:-
(a) No safe environment
(b) Work is not assured- No job security
(c) Term of employment are regular
(d) No health care

Ans-(c) Term of employment are regular

Q18. Secondary sector are also known-
(a) Agricultural & Related sector
(b) Industrial sector
(c) Service sector

Ans-(b) Industrial sector

Q19. Most of the workers in which sector enjoy job security.
(a) Public
(b) Unorganised
(c) Organised
(d) None of these

Ans-(c) Organised

Q20. Workers in which sector produce good.
(a) Secondary
(b) Tertiary
(c) Primary
(d) Public

Ans-(c) Primary

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